Who We Are

Smile Foundation was established in 2012 by K.J. DHANARAJU(NANI), a social worker with over 4 years of experience. Smile Foundation wants to bring about change in the lives of the underprivileged society by authorizing civil society to engage enterprising in the change process.
Health management is originated in response to the administrative needs of healthcare providers. It has evolved into a complex specialty with application in many other areas of healthcare. A fast-growing economy facing the triple burden of disease, with a population as large as India’s, requires a strong public health framework.
Women empowerment is a major issue taken up by Smile Foundation. To enable people to take responsibility and make them aware of their potential for action and change. The NGO works for women and children affected by poverty. At the Foundation, women go through a course that includes self-awareness, defense training, sexuality, and reproductive rights, and more.
It all started with the simple idea to deliver high-quality education to every person regardless of their background. Smile Foundation believes that everyone should have a reasonable quality of life